Welcome to COMMODORE.TK!

This simple website is put forward with the idea of becoming a valuable resource to users of NTSC Commodore hardware. The games, applications, and concepts presented have been successfully evaluated here to work successfully on North American Hardware.

It is my hope that COMMODORE.TK will become both a great starting place for those who want to get back into the C64 hobby, as well as a treasure trove the materials which will help the NTSC user of actual hardware.

It's not that we don't like emulators, but nothing beats the feel of running the software on the real hardware.

Last update: 7/26/15
Update Notes: Added a few programs.
Special Thanks to Reddit user:@David_P_Ray_TorC_NM for sending a box of disks to share from!

If you have old NTSC Commodore Disks of any kind and would like to share, please contact jeffledger @ Google's Email Service.

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